13 Hot Weather Hacks

These interesting tips are according to BuzzFeed.

1. Buckle in your seat belt when you leave your car so that when you get back in, the metal buckle won’t heat up and burn you.

2. If your home’s HVAC system is struggling to keep your house cool, double check that you have a clean filter.

3. Make sure your fan is switched to spin COUNTERCLOCKWISE to create a downdraft and push colder air toward you. Most ceiling fans often have a lil’ switch on the base. Usually people switch them for fall/winter time.

4. When you start driving, don’t roll down all of your windows to cool your car down. Only roll down the driver’s and passenger’s windows, and the cross breeze will be much stronger. Unless you have a dog who wants to look out.

5. While you’re wearing sandals (or any other open-toed shoe) IF you take them off while your outside, put them face-down. That way, when you put them back on, your feet won’t burn.

6. Put your sunscreen and after sun/aloe in the fridge. It will make it nice and cool and enhance the cooling effect.

7. When packing of a king day in the sun, put a few water bottles in the freezer overnight and throughout the day tour water will thaw and remain cold. It also asks as an ice pack for whatever else is in the bag.

8. Put a large pot of cool water on the burner over your oven vent. It will help keep your kitchen cool when the oven is on.

9. If you double click and hold the unlock button on your car’s key fob, for 10–15 seconds it will open all the all windows on some cars.

10. At night during the summer, open two windows and use a large fan to blow the hot air out of one window, which pulls cooler air into the house from the other window. This is much more effective than trying to blow cooler air in directly with the fan.

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